In middle school, Larry Hardesty (vocals, rhythm guitar) aspired to be a composer and listened exclusively to classical music. At the dawn of home video, Larry's mother took the advice of her brother in law and bought a CED player instead of a VCR. When video stores stopped carrying CEDs, Larry and his sisters fell back on the dozen or so their step-uncle had given them. Larry watched most of them--like High Noon and Goldfinger--over and over but had no time for The Compleat Beatles. His sisters, however, did, and one day Larry was wandering through the living room when a fragment of "Norwegian Wood" came on the TV. He stopped, transfixed, and within a year, he was listening exclusively to the Beatles.
Brant Grieshaber (electric guitar) majored in film scoring at the Berklee College of Music, where despite detours into composition and music production, he still found time to study guitar with Garrison Fewell. Later, as a grad student at the Boston Conservatory, he studied composition with Osvaldo Golijov. In addition to his work with the Hopeful Monsters, Brant leads the fusion band the Ra Quintet and his own jazz trio and plays guitar for the Daniel Bennett Group. He also runs and serves as chief engineer at Boston Recording Studio, plays solo classical guitar, repairs guitars, and teaches guitar in Boston. His website is