Same Girl

On a spur of land on a northern shore
Playing sunset tennis where we did ten years before
Cloudless sky just as blue, the lagoon as still
The stone beach as bright. But the air ...
The air’s grown chill.

So we head inside and pour some wine
And watch the sun set fire to the tips of the western pines Then you say, “Ten whole years. Can it be that long?
Back then I had such big plans.
Now they’ve all gone wrong.”


But to me you’re still the girl you were that spring
When we’d just met and every morning
Promised everything

Traffic south the next day is pretty thin
So we’ve made it to the causeway when the tide comes in
At our sides waves explode on the banked-up stone
And you say once we’re back,
You might need some time alone


... everything is dull and empty when you’re gone
I put the garbage out. I mow the lawn.
At dusk these days the Hancock Tower is incandescent
But my life’s not real till I bring it home to you