The Heart of Green

The party sealed behind sliding glass
The music seems to start to sink into the past
The warm summer night
The gardens catch the party's cast-off light
The bored replies of haughty girls
Are whispers of a vanished world
The contour that disturbed a satin sheen ...
So why this ache at the heart of green?
But beyond the trees
Can you hear the sound of the waves?
The night creatures flit through the dark
And the moon is the fist of judgment
And the moonlight across the water
Is a reprieve

An afternoon of uniform light
No shadows at your feet, the sky a milky white
You have to slit your eyes
But nothing dazzles under milk-white skies
And green is just another fact
Like how your shirt sticks to your back
Or how the bookshelves fill with the unchecked
Permuting of a single symbol set
But their senses stripped
Symbols move like counters in a game
The horizon forever recedes
But the moment the pattern flickers
Is like the last weary step that vaults you
Into the sky

An afternoon of uniform light
... and suddenly it seems I've lost the will to fight
The bright, unblinking screen
Even desperation grown routine
The days receding, all the same
Like the links of an iron chain
That disappears beneath us in the murk
And drags us downward, jerk by jerk ...
I will rise and go
And the scales fall from me as I move
I'll go where the river grows wide
And I'll watch sunlight fleck the water
And the wind stir the leaves above me
The heart of green ...