For Elise

A bar downtown as summer ends
I’m three drinks in, and time’s begun to slow
’Cause I’m stuck with the other boyfriends
And talk has turned to people I don’t know
So I just looked at you
Your sudden smile, your eyes so blue
As though the world had dwelt in shadow
Until you looked our way

You’re where the light gets in
On the greyest winter day
The golds and greens and reds of spring
All bloom around you

We’re at some airport, homeward bound
Your laptop’s out, and your look intent
Stepping up when the chips are down
Cool under fire and poised and confident
But no one here can see
Who you become when you’re with me
The way your heart can swell to bursting
With other people’s cares

You teach me what love can be
Press your body into mine
And with the warmth of you my cold limbs stir
And I begin to breathe again